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Governor focuses on reopening Missouri
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Governor focuses on reopening Missouri

(MissouriNet) — Governor Parson says he’s only concerned about what Missouri is doing in its reopening – not that of other states, including the eight bordering states. Illinois has had 40,000 coronavirus cases and Tennessee has had 8,700. Parson says he’s going to make his decisions based on Missouri’s data.

(as said) “My job is to be the governor of the state of Missouri and governor is the one thing I’m going to focus on,” says Parson. “We’re aware of every day of what the other states are doing around us, whether it’s Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, and the others, Tennessee. All the ones that border us – we know what they’re doing on a regular basis. We talk to them – one and then we see what they’re doing.”

Some other states have formed pacts to closely coordinate the reopening of their states. Missouri has not joined one.

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