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Where will the unemployment checks come from?

Where will the unemployment checks come from?

(MissouriNet) — Since the coronavirus began taking its toll on the state’s economy in mid-March, over 339,000 Missourians have asked for unemployment benefits. Governor Parson says he does not think the state has enough money in its unemployment insurance fund to help everyone seeking benefits.


 (as said) “Unemployment is going to be an issue,” says Parson. “There’s just record numbers of unemployment. But we’re going to make sure people get money in their pocket and do everything we can within the powers of the state to do that.”


Parson says the state will have to make more withholds or funding cuts within state agencies to help with unemployment benefits if the federal government does not step up. The federal government’s 349 billion dollar Paycheck Protection Program to help small businesses in crisis ran out of money in less than two weeks.

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