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Governor doesn’t back calls for a statewide mask edict
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Governor doesn’t back calls for a statewide mask edict

(MissouriNet) — The city council in Springfield is considering a resolution that asks Governor Mike Parson to issue a statewide face mask order. The governor says that he’s opposed to that, adding that he’s not anti-mask, but is anti-mandates:

  “I don’t think it’s the state’s place to mandate for everybody in the state of Missouri to wear a mask”

Springfield City Councilman Craig Hosmer, a former Democratic State Representative, says a statewide mask requirement would benefit hospitals that serve the Springfield region. State Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) Director Dr. Randall Williams also opposes a statewide mask order, saying that there are 85 counties with one death or less.

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  1. Parsons I knew there was a reason why I like you

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