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Governor says his ‘kids in school’ remarks were taken the wrong way
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Governor says his ‘kids in school’ remarks were taken the wrong way

(MissouriNet) — Governor Parson has gained national attention for saying kids will get the coronavirus when they go to school but they will get over it. The governor said he did not do a good job of explaining his point – that COVID-19 will likely be in Missouri’s schools and we must be prepared…

(as said) “For someone to use politics as a tool to say that I don’t give a damn about children is one sick individual,” said Parson. “And anybody that wants to follow my career, take a good look at it and you’ll find out who I care about and who I’ve protected.”

Parson pointed out that his daughter is a teacher and he has five grandchildren attending public schools. A statement from Missouri National Education Association President Phil Murray says Parson’s comments demonstrate “a callous disregard for the suffering of children and the safety of the parents, grandparents, educators, and students that will be put at risk if schools are reopened with improper plans and protections.”

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