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One and done for the veto session

(MissouriNet) — The Missouri Legislature has completed its veto and special sessions. Lawmakers did not override any of the governor’s vetoes of bills and they only passed two of seven bills he wanted to address the state’s violent crime rate. The Legislature is made up of a super majority of Republicans in both the House and Senate – the same party as Governor Parson. At a Capitol press conference, Parson says his key bills passed.

(as said) “You know look, you’re not going to hit a home run every time in this building,” says Parson. “We’re very content with what we got. Anything we can do to help law enforcement, to help victims in this state to fight violent crime is a win no matter how small or how big it is.”

The bills passed remove a requirement for St. Louis first responders to live in the city and the other creates a pretrial fund to protect witnesses. House Minority Leader Crystal Quade of Springfield says the special session wasted 200,000 dollars solely to boost the governor’s prospects of winning November’s General Election.

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