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Cole County Clerk expects a smooth Election Day

Cole County Clerk expects a smooth Election Day

(KMIZ) — With Election Day coming up Tuesday, election officials and law enforcement say they are prepared to keep people at polling places safe should any issues arise.

Cole County Clerk Steve Korsmeyer said he also trains poll workers on what is allowed and what is not. The office hosts five classes for workers.

“We’ll discuss our equipment, we’ll discuss the ballots, we’ll discuss the whole election process and what they need to watch for and what they need to be prepared for,” he said.

Korsmeyer said he also does not expect any sort of disruption to happen at polling places in Cole County. He has been in communication with law enforcement just in case.

“There’s a law where you’re not allowed just to go into a polling locations. You have to be a registered voter of that polling location so I don’t really see any issues with people just showing up wanting to observe,” he said.

Korsmeyer said the Cole County Sheriff’s Office plans to have deputies on duty to assist poll workers if necessary.

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