Snake breeder murder trial latest

(AP) — A Mid-Missouri woman shot and killed her husband at his snake breeding business because she was the beneficiary of his $1 million life insurance policy, which would have helped her financially struggling spa business.

Lynlee Renick is on trial for first-degree murder in the June 8, 2017 death of her husband, Ben Renick. Prosecutors and the defense gave their opening statements on Monday.

She initially told police that her husband was crushed to death by one of his snakes at his breeding and sales business in New Florence, according to authorities.

After shell casings were found at the scene, investigators believed an intruder killed Ben Renick. His wife was not charged until January 2020 after an ex-boyfriend reported to authorities that she had killed her husband.


Defense attorney Tim Hesemann argued Monday that another of Lynlee’s Renick’s ex-boyfriends, Michael Humphrey, was responsible for Ben Renick’s death.

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