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Man lands in jail after using BB gun in a stick up

Man lands in jail after using BB gun in a stick up

17 — A Cole County prosecutor has charged a Jefferson City man after he threatened a woman at a gas station.

Nathaniel Mckay is charged with first-degree attempted robbery.

Police say Mckay flashed what was later determined a BB gun while the victim was trying to get gas on Monday.

The victim says she then pulled her gun out of her purse and showed it to him to try and get him to leave her alone. 

She also says she called the police and the dial tone could be heard through blue tooth spooking Mckay, causing him to run.

Jefferson City police and the Cole County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call. They were able to catch up to him on West Edgewood. 

Court documents quote Mckay acknowledging he planned to rob her for her wallet. He later told police he knew it was a mistake. 

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