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Derailed train was going nearly 90 MPH at time of crash
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Derailed train was going nearly 90 MPH at time of crash

(AP) — An Amtrak passenger train was going about 87 mph (140 kph) when it collided with a dump truck at a rural Missouri railway crossing, killing four people

The speed limit is 90 mph at the crossing where the collision occurred. The Southwest Chief was traveling about 89 mph when it began blowing its horn about a quarter mile from the collision site,

The early investigation found no concerns with the train’s brakes or other mechanical issues, The crossing, which had no lights or other signals to warn about an approaching train, is “very steep” and area residents had expressed concerns about it before the crash.

The truck driver, 54-year-old Billy Barton II, of Brookfield, Missouri, died in the collision, the Chariton County coroner said.

Two train passengers — Rochelle Cook, 58, and Kim Holsapple, 56, both of DeSoto, Kansas, died at the scene. A third passenger, 82-year-old Binh Phan, of Kansas City, Missouri, died Tuesday at a hospital.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said up to 150 people also were injured.

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