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Missouri’s Kehoe urges motorists to slow down in work zones

Missouri’s Kehoe urges motorists to slow down in work zones

Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe (left) visits with Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission chair Robert Brinkmann in Columbia on September 27, 2022 (photo courtesy of Mr. Kehoe’s Flickr page)

While Missouri’s lieutenant governor praises Governor Parson and the GOP-controlled Legislature for being friendly to public safety, he wants to see some safety measures addressed without going through Jefferson City.

Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe addressed more than 500 transportation and law enforcement professionals at a recent Columbia conference.

“What we would intend is that if you bring awareness again to the driving public of what their consequences and actions can have from speeding in a construction zone to not paying attention and the real lives that those affect, a lot of times if you can bring awareness to those situations, you can move the needle just as good as if the government passes something and forces you to do it,” Kehoe says.

Kehoe is urging you to slow down, to buckle up and to put your phone down while driving. He notes two St. Louis-area MoDOT workers were struck and killed while putting up signs on the job last year.

“And whether they’re the vendor putting out the orange cones, whether they’re a law enforcement agency attending to an accident. They are sons and daughters, husbands, wives. And they’re doing a service for our families and our state,” says Kehoe.

He also credits the statewide buckle up phone down campaign for bringing statewide safety awareness.