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(AUDIO): Fast-growing Columbia-based company earns praise from Missouri’s governor on veterans issues

Missouri’s governor describes Columbia-based Veterans United (VU) as a remarkable company that’s committed to helping veterans.

Governor Mike Parson traveled to VU headquarters in south Columbia on Tuesday to tour their massive 325,000 square feet campus and to meet with company leaders. While it was a closed meeting, Parson briefed 939 the Eagle in VU’s lobby after the meeting. The governor says he wanted to show his appreciation for everything Veterans United is doing.

“I mean when you see what they’ve done over the last several years, plus their whole portfolio now is just remarkable across the world and you know I think close to 5,000 employees (total number) now,” Parson says.

Veterans United, the nation’s top VA lender, has been one of mid-Missouri’s fastest-growing companies. The latest statistics from Regional Economic Development Incorporated (REDI) list VU as the third-largest employer in Columbia/Boone County.

The governor tells 939 the Eagle that the meeting was about partnerships.

“It wasn’t … nobody asking for anything. They were offering their services how can we help you to do better at your job do get a message out to veterans and people in the arena they’re trying to help,” says Parson.

Governor Parson praises VU’s commitment to veterans, and he met with several VU employees who serve in the Missouri National Guard. The governor adds that he’s proud Veterans United is headquartered in Columbia.