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(AUDIO): Happiness and tears this weekend for Columbia College’s 312 graduates

(AUDIO): Happiness and tears this weekend for Columbia College’s 312 graduates

About 75 Columbia College graduates participated in Friday’s Ivy chain ceremony on Bass Commons (April 28, 2023 photo from 939 the Eagle’s Brian Hauswirth)

More than 300 students on Columbia College’s main campus graduated this weekend and are now heading out into the world. Many have jobs lined up, while others are going to graduate school. Others are going into the military.

About 75 of the graduates participated in Friday afternoon’s Ivy chain ceremony. Columbia College dean of student affairs Dave Roberts tells 939 the Eagle that it’s been an annual event on Bass Commons since 1900.

“The students had the opportunity to get ivy that’s actually was growing on the buildings and they wrapped it in a large chain around the students and then they’d walk out in white dresses and get the opportunity to stand in a circle symbolizing their connection together at Columbia College. And then at the end of the ceremony would cut the ivy symbolizing they’re leaving the college and going into the world,” Roberts says.

While ivy no longer grows on buildings at Columbia College, graduates stood in a circle on Bass Commons on Friday with faux ivy that they can keep as a reminder of their lifelong connection.

Family members and friends of Columbia College’s 312 main campus graduates celebrated their achievement on Saturday. Ten countries are represented by the 312 graduates. They include Bolivar’s Addison Martino, who graduated with a bachelor of science degree in accounting. She tells 939 the Eagle she was honored to lead Friday’s Ivy chain ceremony at Bass Commons.

“It was a little nerve-wracking, I’ll be honest. But I think it was a huge honor and opportunity. I’m glad Dave (Columbia College Dean of Student Affairs Dave Roberts) chose me to lead it,” says Martino.

Addison says she teared up during Friday’s ceremony.

“Some are going out of state, even out of town. And it’s crazy, I’ve known them for about three years and I’m just probably never going to see them again. So I know it happens but it’s still a little sad to think about,” Martino says.

Ms. Martino is heading to Mizzou to work on a master’s degree. Another event that happened this weekend at Columbia College was the nurses pinning ceremony at Launer auditorium. 40 nursing students received their pins.