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Blazer Justice

Students who slip up at Jefferson City’s Lewis & Clark Middle School may find themselves facing a real judge. 

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History Calling

Eddie Hughes was a young reporter for The Dallas Morning News on November 22nd, 1963 when his newsroom phone rang…

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Talkin’ Baseball

As you enjoy Cardinal World Series fever this week, tip your cap to the Carling Redbirds, Jefferson City Mohawks, Cedar City Braves and other “town teams” of the 20’s-30’s-40’s.

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Keep The Home Fires Burning

It’s chili supper time with the Jefferson City Area Board Of Realtors to benefit the Samaritan Center’s utility assistance program.  We talked about it with Samaritan Center Director Marilyn DeFeo on KWOS OPEN AIR.  Listen now: 

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Nasty Stuff

An invasive algae known as “Didymo” (nicknamed “rock snot”) is threatening some Missouri streams.

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