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Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin

  Mayor Carrie Tergin was in for her Friday morning visit to Open Air October 6th. She talked about the city’s latest infrastructure projects and about a busy weekend and week ahead. Here’s her interview: 

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Rep. Jay Barnes talks future plans and tax credits

Jefferson City State Representative Jay Barnes visited KWOS Open Air Thursday October 5th. He broke the news that he would not be running for a seat in the Missouri Senate in 2018. He also talked about run-away tax credits and the damage they are doing to the state budget. Here’s …

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JCFD Talks Expansions

The Jefferson City Fire Department’s Jerry Blomberg appeared on KWOS Open Air with John Marsh and Kelley Ray to talk about the growing needs of the department.  His interview is posted below.

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Special Olympics a Big Boost to Jefferson City Economy

Special Olympics is bringing the Show-Me Games to Mid-Missouri next month and the economic impact to Jefferson City and the surrounding area is big.  The Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Chris Wilson and the Special Olympics Harrison McClain appeared on KWOS Open Air to talk about it with John Marsh and …

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