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Mietzners review “Creed 2”

Father and son tag team Adam and Joel Mietzner from Eco Water step in for Melle at the Movies and review the newest in the long line of Rocky movies, “Creed 2”. There’s a familiar plot line and a few familiar faces in this one for Rocky fans. Listen to …

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Pearl Harbor survivor remembers when

On this Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we went back in the archives to an interview Warren Krech conducted a number of years ago with retired Naval chief petty officer Bill McAnany of Jefferson City. Bill was a medical corpsman on Pearl Harbor that fateful day and was pulling injured sailors …

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Melle at the Movies reviews Boheminan Rhapsody

It’s the Freddy Mercury biopic that has stirred up a bunch of buzz…both good and bad. Reviewers don’t seem to like it much, viewers mostly love it. See what Melle thinks in the review posted below. By the way…for the ultimate Queen experience, go here

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