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Mayor Tergin Friends with Big & Rich

Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin made her monthly appearance on KWOS Open Air to talk about issues involved with the city – blight issues, stormwater issues and others.  Her interview with John Marsh and Kelley Ray is posted below.

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Busy Times at the Governor’s Mansion

It’s busy at this time of year as thousands of school students are touring the Governor’s Mansion.  Jeanette Dulle and Terry Ehrsam appeared on KWOS Open Air to talk about the the Mansion and the upcoming Mind Your Manners event.

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Big Announcement Coming From Regional Library

The Friends of the Missouri River Regional Library will meet this week and rumor has it there will be a big announcement.  Natalie Newwville and Ellen Rutledge appeared on KWOS Open Air to talk about what will be discussed at the upcoming board meeting on Thursday.

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Senator Kehoe in Home Stretch

Senator Mike Kehoe says he and his colleagues are busy with the final three weeks of the Legislative Session set to close on May 12th.  He appeared on KWOS Open Air to talk about the session up to this point and what is left remaining to do.

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