KWOS Open Air
Announcement: KWOS FM MOVES TO 101.1

KWOS 100.9 FM has moved up the dial to 101.1 FM.  (more…)

Rediscovering The Expedition

Tom Ronk (pictured left) is working as a technical advisor on an HBO miniseries about Lewis & Clark.  (more…)

From Swine Show To County Fair

Carolyn and Harold McDowell's father was instrumental in starting the "Swine Show" in 1948.  It evolved into what is now the Jaycee Cole County Fair. We talked about  the history of that event on KWOS Open Air: [display_podcast]

Apple Polishers

Here's our Open Air Saturday program on July 25th, (more…)

Mayor Tergin On Open Air

Here's our latest conversation with Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin (more…)

Historian Gary Kremer On Open Air

Here's our latest conversation with Dr. Gary Kremer, (more…)

Dr. Chris Link On Open Air

Here's our latest "Healthy Living" segment with Dr. Chris Link (more…)

“Da” Cast Members On Open Air

Scene One Theatre's newest production, "Da", is a slice of Irish life.  (more…)

Hunting For Heroes

Jefferson City's Fraternal Order Of Police is supporting the "Hunting For Heroes" program with a special dinner/auction (more…)

Keeping Up With Technology

Missouri River Regional Library has recently upgraded some technology, (more…)