KWOS Open Air
Ferguson: A Conversation

Jefferson City NAACP Chapter President Rod Chapel (l) joined State Representative Jay Barnes to discuss the Ferguson, Missouri situation on KWOS Open Air.  Here's our conversation: [display_podcast]

Dr. Chris Link On Open Air

Salt, ticks, carbs, veggies and...gas? We talked about them all with Dr. Chris Link of Capital Region Medical Center's Integrative Medicine Clinic on KWOS Open Air:[display_podcast]

Historian Gary Kremer On Open Air

Dr. Gary Kremer of the State Historical Society Of Missouri puts  the Ferguson events in historical perspective.  Here's our conversation on KWOS Open Air:[display_podcast]

Brewer Billy Busch On Open Air

As great-grandson of Adolphus Busch, Billy Busch (pictured center) grew up around the beer business.  He is the founder of his own company, William K Busch Brewing, makers of Kraftig Lager and Kraftig Light.  Mr. Busch and  Brewmaster Marc Gottfried ...Read More

Back To School Stress

Back to school time is a time to keep an eye on stress levels -- and not just for  students.  We talked about it with St. Mary's Psychologist Dr. Laurel Kramer on KWOS Open Air.  She also comments on the ...Read More

Councilmen Henry And Bray On Open Air

Jefferson City 5th Ward Councilmen Ralph Bray (l) and Larry Henry joined us on KWOS Open Air. Here's the conversation:[display_podcast]

Scam Chaser

Joe Bindbeutel is with the Missouri Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.  Here's his update on the latest scams making the rounds in Missouri.[display_podcast]

Congressman Luetkemeyer On Open Air

Here's our latest conversation with Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer on KWOS Open Air: [display_podcast]

JCPS Officials On Open Air

Here's our latest conversation with JCPS Superintendent Brian Mitchell and School Board President Dennis Nickelson on KWOS Open Air:[display_podcast]

Mayor Eric Struemph On Open Air

Here's our latest conversation with Jefferson City Mayor Eric Struemph on KWOS Open Air:[display_podcast]