Paintings, Pilsner, Pest House, and Prison Breaks

Dr. Gary Kremer is Director of the State Historical Society Of Missouri, and a monthly guest on KWOS Open Air. As usual, we covered a lot of ground in our latest visit:[display_podcast]

Sardines & Coffee: Breakfast Of Champions

Well, maybe or maybe not, but we do talk about "food as medicine" with Dr. Chris Link on KWOS Open Air:[display_podcast]

The Weight Of Blood

Author Laura McHugh of Columbia has written a successful first-time crime novel, The Weight Of Blood, set in a fictional Missouri Ozarks town. She'll be at Downtown Book & Toy this evening, April 10th, at 7PM for a book signing. ...Read More

Busy? Don’t Stress!

Don't forget to take some down time for yourself and your children. St. Mary's Psychologis Dr. Laurel Kramer has some tips for dealing with everyday stress: [display_podcast]

A Visit With Thomas Jefferson

Our nation's 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson, talks with Warren and John on KWOS Open Air: [display_podcast] Special thanks to Jefferson Bank and Historic City Of Jefferson for making this visit possible!

Congressman Luetkemeyer On Open Air

Missouri Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer talks about the EPA, The Constitution, and Vladimir Putin in his latest interview with Warren and John on KWOS Open Air. Here's the link:[display_podcast]

Representative Jay Barnes On Open Air

State Representative Jay Barnes (R-Jefferson City) talks about his goals for the remainder of this Legislative session. Here's our conversation on KWOS Open Air:[display_podcast]

Representative Bernskoetter On Open Air

State Representative Mike Bernskoetter (R-Wardsville) talks about a proposed pay raise for state employees, the future of Fulton State Hospital and more iin our latest conversation:[display_podcast]

Frank James Meets Miss Manners

Laura Bennett-Smith is Executive Director of Friends Of The Governor's Mansion.  She joined us with Docent Terry Ehrsam (who portrays Frank James in his guided tours) and Manners Class Graduate Elizabeth Smith.  Here's our conversation on KWOS Open Air:[display_podcast]

“Save The Jail” Supporters On Open Air

Cole County Commissioners are facing a decision soon:  Tear down the old Cole County Jail and Sheriff's residence to make room for more courtroom space, or rennovate the structures.  Historic City Of Jefferson members Steve Veile and Terri Rademan are fighting ...Read More