How Are Your Telomeres?

What are telomeres, and why should you care about yours?  We found out from Dr. Chris Link of Capital Region Medical Center's Integrative Medicine Clinic.  Here's his latest program on KWOS Open Air:[display_podcast]

The Monastery, Lake Placid, and Runaway Trolleys

We always learn some local history when Gary Kremer stops in for a visit on KWOS Open Air.  Here's our latest show with the head of the State Historical Society Of Missouri:[display_podcast]

You Say Goodbye…And I Say Hello

Cole County Presiding Commissioner Marc Ellinger (left) is stepping down at the end of the year after 2 terms in office.  Businessman Sam Bushman will be taking over the job after running unopposed in November.  Here's our conversation on KWOS ...Read More

JC NAACP President Rod Chapel On Open Air

Jefferson City residents and businesses have lots of questions as they prepare for the arrival of civil rights demonstrators.  The march from Ferguson to Jefferson City will arrive this week.  We talked about it with Jefferson City NAACP President Rod ...Read More

The Life We Bury

Allen Eskens is a Minnesota attorney who grew up in Jefferson City.  He has just finished his first novel,  The Life We Bury.  He's back in town for a book signing this Saturday at Downtown Book & Toy, and joined ...Read More

Senator Kehoe On Open Air

A change of plans for the old St. Mary's?  We talked about it with State Senator Mike Kehoe on KWOS Open Air:[display_podcast]

Dr. Chris Link On Open Air

In his latest visit, Dr. Chris Link of Capital Region's Integrative Medicine Clinic shares information on memory loss, depression, and...chocolate:[display_podcast]

Psychologist Dr. Laurel Kramer On Open Air

Holiday stress..."inattention blindness"...phone preoccupation.  Just a few of the topics covered by St. Mary's Psychologist Dr.  Laurel Kramer on KWOS Open Air: [display_podcast]

Moving Day!

The equipment is ready, the staff is ready--now all they need are the patients! After several months and around $200 million, the St. Mary's Hospital  project is complete and the patients will be moving in this Sunday, November 16th.  We ...Read More

A Hero’s Story

Matthew Axelson (pictured right) and Michael Murphy (l) were members of Navy Seal Team 10. They, along with team member Danny Dietz, Jr. were killed in Afghanistan in 2005.  Their story is depicted in the book and movie, Lone Survivor, by ...Read More