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Mayor Tergin says Salute to America is still a go

(KMIZ)– JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Jefferson City is moving forward with plans for Salute to America next month, according to Mayor Carrie Tergin.

Tergin said she and other officials are hoping the water will recede by July 3 and 4.

“There’s a lot of events around those two days of the event and as of now, we’re hoping that it continues” Tergin said.

Salute to America will include live music, fireworks, a parade and a carnival, among other things.

She said a majority of the event is centered around High Street. “As we remember from even back in 1993 that High Street remained open, and so we’re hoping to keep that as is,” Tergin said.

Tergin acknowledged that there have been events that have recently had to be adjusted and moved around, but said she remains hopeful that by next month the event will go as planned.

When asked if there is a backup site in mind, Tergin said they’ve explored alternate sites, but that is in exploration stage only and that every effort will be made to have the show go on as normal.

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