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They did Tase this bro!

Kmiz– JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A man with a felony warrant has been arrested after police found him at a Jefferson City storage facility.

According to our news partner, ABC – 17,  police were called to Black Hawk Storage on June 16 for suspicious activity. There, they say they found two people standing by a car, one of them being Walter Carlson. He allegedly ran from police, and one officer shocked him with a Taser.

Court documents say Carlson tried to get up and start running again, but the officer stunned him with another five-second burst from a Taser. Carlson allegedly continued to run, and the officer hit him again with a five-second burst, causing him to fall over a table and a barbed-wire fence.

Court documents say a search of the vehicle led to them finding 24.4 grams of meth, 5 grams of marijuana, needles, pipes with residue and more than 20 small, plastic bags.


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  1. So the Officer did his job – So what is the problem

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