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How will ‘back to school’ look?

(MissouriNet) — Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven says class sizes could be smaller at some Missouri public schools when they start back up in August. During a Capitol press conference, Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven says the decision will ultimately be up to local districts.

(as said) “That’s exactly where our leaders are right now, is trying to think about the best arrangements to make for students and schools. Again, will be left to the local district, we could not make that decision at the state level. Classrooms are different sizes, what’s happening in each of the regional communities is vastly different. But I can assure you, that is a primary topic of discussion for our school leaders,” says Vandeven.

Vandeven says the state is not mandating students and staff to wear masks to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. She says that decision will also be left to local districts to make.

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