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Ashcroft says ‘don’t wait to vote absentee’

(MissouriNet) — Missouri voters can now cast an absentee ballot at their local election authority for the November election. For those wishing to vote absentee or by mail, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft strongly encourages Missourians to vote sooner rather than later. He expects delays in mail that could prevent some ballots from getting counted.

(as said) “I don’t want people to treat this like a term paper they may have done in high school where they waited until the last minute,” he says. “I want the people of the state to know that it’s easy to vote, they have their options. But I want them to do it quickly so that we make sure that their vote counts and it’s part of the final outcome.”

Voters must meet one of seven requirements in order to vote absentee, including if you will be out of the county on Election Day, you are an election worker, or are at-risk of getting or passing on COVID-19. 

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