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KWOS Person You Should Know

KWOS / UNITED WAY Person You Should Know /Austin Petersen & John Marsh

August 6, 2021

  • This person grew up on a farm in Osage County and has lived in Jefferson City all his/her adult life and is married and has one daughter.
  • This person is a live music enthusiast and has attended about 70 rock concerts … and plans for more in the future.
  • This person’s favorite quote is a verse from the book of Matthew; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  • This person has been a mentor and BIG SISTER to local kids for over 8 years. The program this person has so much passion for is Big Brothers / Big Sisters Program. In addition to mentoring she is on the Jefferson City Advisory Committee and is also the Marketing Chair.
  • This person has wonderful employer, C & S Business Services and her employer encourages her participation in Big Brothers Big Sisters programs and other community events.

WHO IS THIS PERSON YOU SHOULD KNOW?  It is Stephanie Lehman, volunteer / BIG SISTER at BIG Brothers Big Sisters / A UNITED WAY Partner Agency / kudos to C & S Business Services for allowing Stephanie time to give back to our community

  • This organization provides support to kids and indirectly to their families, teachers, and others in the community through Big Bro Big Sis mentoring program.
  • Story of a young girl who wore clothes to large and was made fun of … she told her BIG SISTER that the best days of the week were when her BIG came for a visit!
  • Lee Knernschield, Director quote: ”Stephanie is a phenomenal volunteer / mentor (since 2013) with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Stephanie serves on every fundraising committee we have and can be counted on to be there the day of our events.  Stephanie has fully immersed herself in every aspect of Big Brothers Big Sisters and I cannot think of a more deserving person to be recognized!”
  • Maybe one of your listeners would like to be a MENTOR? Or maybe there is a neighborhood youth you would like to refer to the program?  OR donate?  Go to  There you will find 4 steps to become a “BIG” … step 4 is a MATCH MEETING for a young boy or girl that will become your “LITTLE”.  SO much information on the website … success stories too!

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