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KWOS Person You Should Know

KWOS / UNITED WAY / Jefferson Bank Person You Should Know /Austin PetersEn & John Marsh  

September 3, 2021

  • This person is from Dallas, Texas, and has two teenage boys that attend Capital City High School.
  • This person was in the field of Social Work for the states of Missouri and Arkansas for 10 years before transitioning to non-profit.
  • Favorite quote: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi
  • This person was raised in poverty by a single mother of 5 children. They faced homelessness, food insecurity, lack of proper clothing, addiction and domestic violence.
  • This person completed her Master’s Degree and was searching for a management opportunity when she was hired as Shelter Director at the Salvation Army Harbor House Emergency Shelter in Columbia.
  • Last year, she was promoted to Regional Social Service Director of the Salvation Army – covering Columbia and Jefferson City.

WHO IS THIS PERSON YOU SHOULD KNOW?  It is, Jordanna Boyd, Regional Director of Social Services, The Salvation Army / A UNITED WAY Partner Agency

The Salvation Army, Major Curtiss A. Hartley – Due to the COVID pandemic and some unfilled staff positions, Jordanna has had to cover two other jobs on top of her new position, as well as filling in for monitors out at our two shelters. Jordanna cares almost too much for the individuals and families coming to The Salvation Army for help, often working late into the evenings, on her weekends, and skipping vacation to be sure local residents’ needs are met, and that funders receive updated reports, grant proposals, and special requests. Jordanna works harder than two people together and deserves recognition and honor for her hard work and dedication.

Jordanna was raised in poverty and she credits community support, like the Salvation Army.  Her mother was able to get treatment for her addiction issues, reunite with Jordanna and her siblings out of foster care, and raise them to escape the cycle of poverty through her faith in Jesus Christ.  Her passion for helping others is her way of giving back to society the same way society helped her and her mother.

The Salvation Army is located at 927 Jefferson Street and provides homeless assistance, shelter, volunteer, rent and utility assistance, food assistance, youth programs, summer camps, church services, serving Jefferson City, Missouri and the surrounding counties. For more information call 573-635-1975.

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