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Jefferson City’s original Daisy Delight restaurant is for sale

Jefferson City’s original Daisy Delight restaurant is for sale

Jefferson City’s popular Daisy Delight, which opened in 1955, is located on East McCarty (2022 photo courtesy of Daisy Delight owner Jerry Bartel)

Multiple generations have enjoyed dining and getting ice cream at Jefferson City’s popular Daisy Delight since it opened on East McCarty in 1955. While the business is still thriving, owner Jerry Bartel tells 939 the Eagle that Daisy Delight is for sale, due to his age. He emphasizes that it’s not closing.

“I’m 77 years old and I just need to retire is what I need to do. And I’d like to find a family or families that would buy the restaurant and take over running it so that it continues to be a family tradition,” Bartel says.

He says Greg Bowman of Bowman Realty is his broker, adding that several people are interested. Bartel wants Daisy Delight to remain a family restaurant, noting it’s been family-owned since it opened 68 years ago.  Mr. Bartel says the business is thriving.

“It’s never had a down year in the last 11 years or 12 years. It’s had an increase every year in sales. It’s a thriving, strong business,” says Bartel.

Daisy Delight is known for its ice cream, banana splits, burgers and fried mushrooms. Jerry’s wife, Jana, is the general manager and worked behind the counter. Restaurant patrons know her as Miss Daisy. The restaurant’s Pac-Man video game has been in the same spot since about 1981.

The restaurant is also a popular spot for baseball teams that play in the Jefferson City area each summer. It’s also been a spot for state lawmakers to relax and enjoy ice cream.