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Will Columbia’s Planned Parenthood go out of business?

(AP) — Abortions will stop at Planned Parenthood’s Columbia clinic after Oct. 1 unless a federal judge blocks enforcement of one of Missouri’s abortion restrictions, attorneys for Planned Parenthood wrote in court documents.

The organization on Wednesday asked a federal district court judge to stop Missouri from requiring doctors at the Columbia location to get admitting privileges at nearby hospitals in order to perform abortions.

Planned Parenthood wrote in court documents that the Columbia clinic can’t meet that requirement and said enforcing it would mean St. Louis would be the only site that can provide abortions.

“Without further relief from this Court, at least 22% of women seeking abortion at the Columbia facility will be prevented entirely from exercising their constitutional right to choose, due to their inability to travel the long distance to obtain an abortion in St. Louis,” Planned Parenthood attorneys wrote in their request for a court order. “Others will be delayed or otherwise burdened by having to make the long trip.”

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