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Former L-U staffer sues university

KMIZ– JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A former employee of Lincoln University filed a lawsuit against the institution May 31 over alleged discrimination on the basis of race.

ABC – 17 reports Sheila Gassner, a 55-year-old white woman, worked for the public university for nearly 30 years before her discharge on July 31, 2018.

Most recently serving as LU’s executive director of facilities and planning, Gassner claimed in the lawsuit that her compensation was comparatively less than that of her African-American counterparts.

In 2013, the lawsuit stated, buildings and grounds director Mark Friedman was fired and his responsibilities, for which the university was paying Friedman an annual salary of $64,415, were assigned to Gassner.

For the extra responsibilities, Gassner said she was only provided a one-time, 1.8 percent raise, along with the standard cost of living adjustments.

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