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Mike Kehoe says it may take a gas tax hike to fix the roads

(MissouriNet) — The state’s lieutenant governor says Missourians will have to decide whether a gasoline tax increase is needed.

Missouri’s 17-cent gasoline tax has remained the same since 1996. Last November, voters rejected a proposed ten-cent gas tax increase. At his recent campaign announcement in Jefferson City, Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe told the audience that a long-term solution is needed for transportation. I asked Kehoe that night if a gas tax increase is on the table. Kehoe says Missourians will have to decide that, because of the Hancock Amendment. He says Missouri has the seventh-largest infrastructure system but ranks 49th in funding. He wants to see what Missourians think is the appropriate response.

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  1. Raising taxes is not always the answer ….

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