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Absentee by mail? Stay tuned

(MissouriNet) — Absentee ballot legislation that expands voting by mail through the rest of 2020 is on its way to the Missouri governor’s desk.

The final House vote was 121-24, and came with about 30 minutes to spare before Friday’s mandatory 6 p.m. adjournment. The compromise bill is sponsored by Imperial GOP State Representative Dan Shaul. There are two but separate options under the Shaul bill. The first expands absentee voting to those 65 and older. They’re considered high-risk for COVID-19. Notarization is not required for this group. The second option expands voting by mail for everyone, but requires notarization.

The bill given final approval also contains an emergency clause. If Governor Parson signs it, it will be in effect for the August primary election.

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