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So what’s the plan for ‘back to school?’
KWOS - John Marsh

So what’s the plan for ‘back to school?’

(MissouriNet) — The Missouri Board of Education has given the Education Commissioner temporary power to let districts start the school year earlier this fall if they make the request and meet certain requirements. Some models project an uptick in coronavirus cases is projected in the fall – possibly affecting learning for kids. During today’s board meeting, President Charlie Shields, who runs Truman Medical Center in Kansas City, says schools play a big role in the community rates of coronavirus infection.
(as said) “Our infectious disease people – they would tell you that while children are not particularly susceptible to COVID-19, although the science is changing on that rapidly, they are very good at transmission,” says Shields.

Schools must first hold a public hearing and explain how an exemption would benefit the students and reduce the spread of the coronavirus. 

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