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Governor says it’s back to school
KWOS - John Marsh

Governor says it’s back to school

(MissouriNet) — President Trump says he is going to put a lot of pressure on governors to reopen schools this fall and threatened on Twitter today to cut federal funding to schools that do not reopen. Governor Parson and Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven are in Washington, D.C. to meet with Trump and education leaders about protecting students, workers and their families from COVID-19.

(as said) “This virus cannot shut our country down and our states down. We have to deal with it as we would anything else that we have dealt with in this country. We have to move forward and the economy and life goes on. Education is part of who we are and kids need to get back in school,” says Parson.

A U.S. House Appropriations Committee spokesperson tells Politico that Trump does not have the power to withhold federal money. Most of Missouri’s K through 12 education is funded at the state and local levels.

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