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Protesters hit the State Capitol again
KWOS John Marsh

Protesters hit the State Capitol again

(MissouriNet) — Protesters have hit the streets of downtown Jefferson City today to rally against the governor’s crime package. The plan would let judges choose whether children 14 to 18 years old should be tried as adults for certain weapons crimes. It would also allow the Missouri attorney general to prosecute some St. Louis murder cases. Cori Bush, who defeated longtime St. Louis Democratic Congressman Lacy Clay in this month’s primary election, is among the crowd of protesters with a message for law enforcement.

(as said) “We are about saving lives,” she says. “And so if you think we want to destroy your property – we don’t. If you think that we want to just disrupt just to disrupt – we don’t. We’re disrupting because you won’t stand up and do the right thing and make sure your work is to save lives.”

Police have been on the scene to try and keep protesters out of the streets to avoid getting hurt by vehicles traveling by.

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