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Sentencing dates set for suspects in death of disabled Fulton man

Sentencing dates set for suspects in death of disabled Fulton man

(KMIZ) — Three people tied to the death of Carl DeBrodie are set to receive their punishments next month.

The Western District federal court scheduled sentencing hearings for Sherry Paulo and Anthony R. Flores on Sept. 1 and 2 respectively. The two former employees of DeBrodie’s group home Second Chance Homes admitted to letting DeBrodie die in 2016 despite signs of his poor health.

The discovery of DeBrodie’s body in a Fulton storage unit in 2017 sparked a state and federal investigation. Law enforcement arrested and charged Paulo, Flores and three others, uncovering a scheme where Second Chance Homes lied to criminal investigators and state health care authorities about DeBrodie’s condition.

Paulo and Flores’ plea agreement said that the two took DeBrodie out of Second Chance Homes and to their personal residence when he began to suffer medical problems. The agreement said DeBrodie died sometime in October 2016, but instead of reporting his death, the couple placed his body in a wooden crate, filled it with cement and hid him in a storage unit.

DeBrodie was reported missing in April 2017, after Second Chance Homes was sold to another company. The employees admitted to lying to state Medicaid authorities about visits they made to DeBrodie between October and April, collecting payment from the system for doing so.

Anthony R.K. Flores is also set to receive his sentence on Sept. 2. He admitted to lying to police about the last time he saw DeBrodie. Mary Paulo pleaded guilty to the same charge, but the court has not yet set a sentencing date.

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