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Governor calls lawmakers back for second Special Session

(MissouriNet) — Governor Parson says he plans to call lawmakers back to the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City next month. The Missouri Legislature wrapped up its veto and special sessions yesterday. Lawmakers did not override any of the governor’s vetoes of bills and they only passed two of seven crime bills he wanted.

Parson says the state will find the money to fund one of his agenda items – a program to protect witnesses of crimes and their immediate family members.

(as said) “Well we’re going to look and see what avenues we can to get that money there. You know, we’ve made a commitment to that,” says Parson. “There will be another special session on the supplemental budget sometime in October– I do know that, at some point. It may be addressed then. But you know, we’re going to see what another avenues we have to might be able to utilize to do that. But it’s something we want to get implemented as soon as we can, again to help the victims out there. We’ve just got to step it up.”


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