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Missouri Senators still hung up on redistricting map

(AP/KWOS) — A plan to redraw Missouri’s eight U.S. House districts remained stuck amid Republican squabbling Wednesday, as conservative state senators continued to press their party’s leaders to embrace an aggressive map that could flip a Democratic-held seat to the GOP.

The Senate quit for the day without voting but was scheduled to return Thursday to try again. A relentless filibuster by a conservative coalition has chewed up about 35 hours over parts of three days.

The Missouri Times’ Scott Faughan watched the drawn – out battle go down over a congressional redistricting map …       

Senators went back and forth debating the merits of a 7 to 1 or a 6 to 2 GOP majority map of the state’s eight congressional districts. Much of the fighting surrounded how the map would split up St. Charles County and other Missouri counties.


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