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A Missouri state worker pay raise .. but not as much for some folks

(AP) — Missouri state workers would soon be guaranteed a minimum of $12 to $15 an hour under a plan advanced Wednesday in the state House.

The emergency spending plan, given an initial vote of approval in the GOP-led chamber, includes $92 million to increase state worker pay through the end of June. It needs another House vote to move to the Republican-led Senate.

Republican Gov. Mike Parson had asked lawmakers to give his administration the leeway to pay state employees a minimum of $15 an hour to help agencies that are struggling to provide basic government services.

But House lawmakers pared funding back to give workers a minimum of $12 an hour or a 5.5% raise, whichever is higher. State employees who provide health care or other services directly to the public would still be given a minimum of $15 an hour under the House plan.


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