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No CRT in JCMO schools
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No CRT in JCMO schools

Many Jefferson City school parents were up in arms back last year when then Superintendent Larry Linthacum said a theoretical classroom discussion on current events could have included students talking about Critical Race Theory as a way to generate dialogue. Superintendent Bryan McGraw joined us on Wake Up Mid – Missouri …

The Jefferson City District did say as early as 2021 that their curriculum is based on the Missouri Learning Standards and did not include CRT.

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  1. I agree with Mr. McGraw. There is no such thing as CRT. As a former history and government teacher at JCHS I would never under any circumstances taught anything like that. The brutality of slavery is real. The horror of the Holocaust is undisputed. The rights of African-Americans, other minorities , women, LGBTQ must be upheld. That’s the real and only truth.

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