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Housing funding wont be coming to JCMO

The Missouri Housing Development Commission turns thumbs – down on some funding that was expected to help build some additional lower income housing in Jefferson City. The funds were sought to help three private developers put up so – called ‘workforce housing’ at three complexes. Proponents say affordable housing is in short supply in and around the Capital City.

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  1. It’s interesting that you’re using the words “low income housing” to describe the proposed developments. I live by the Red Oak development location and was very disappointed with the City Council and Mayor in how they handled the situation. Had they met with residents of the areas,they would’ve found out prior to submission of the developments that there wasn’t any support simply based on location. They attempted to sell the developments as low to moderate housing when we all know it’s for low income. As the Mayor said”it’s not section 8″ but you can call it anything you want, no difference. I’m quite tired if listening to all of them including the nonprofits of trying to ruin viable neighborhoods! I believe we all believe there’s an issue with housing but why should we deflate the value of our homes? Look elsewhere! I won’t be able to participate on the committee due to being absent from town, but would like to give input. They just need to do their homework!

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