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UPDATE: Governor Parson says mid-Missouri’s Gygr-Gas has closed

UPDATE: Governor Parson says mid-Missouri’s Gygr-Gas has closed

State Rep. Tim Taylor (R-Speed) listens to testimony during a February 23, 2021 Missouri House committee hearing in Jefferson City (file photo courtesy of the Tim Bommel at House Communications)

Missouri’s governor confirms that Boonville’s Gygr-Gas has closed, leaving several thousand rural Missourians without propane with winter and Christmas approaching.

Governor Mike Parson (R) has signed a one-page executive order, which will allow other companies to fill current Gygr-Gas tanks. State law prohibits propane tanks owned by one company to be filled by a different company. The governor’s executive order pre-empts that.

“While that state law is important for safety standards, this is a unique situation that requires immediate action. Gygr-Gas has left its customers without proper recourse, but we won’t. We are issuing this executive order to ensure that former Gygr-Gas customers can keep their homes heated and families warm this winter and holiday season. We know this is a busy time of year for many propane providers, but we encourage them to do all they can to help Missourians abandoned by Gygr-Gas,” Governor Parson says, in a written statement.

The Missouri Propane Gas Association has been encouraging customers of Boonville’s Gygr Gas to contact the state attorney general’s office to file a complaint or to seek restitution. Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s spokesman, Chris Nuelle, tells 939 the Eagle that their office has received five complaints about Gygr-Gas. Mr. Nuelle encourages anyone with a complaint to contact AG Schmitt’s office. You can submit a report online or you can call 1-800-392-8222.

The Propane Gas Association says the attorney general’s office and the Missouri Propane Safety Commission are investigating, now that the company is not answering its phone. 939 the Eagle News has called Gygr-Gas Boonville headquarters and calls go to a voicemail. They’re not being returned at this time.

State Rep. Tim Taylor (R-Speed) tells 939 the Eagle that Gygr employees tell him they’ve all been let go. Taylor has been on conference calls with Senate Majority Leader Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia) and with the governor’s office as well. Many of Taylor’s constituents are customers of Gygr, and says they need propane during this cold week. Taylor says Gygr was a solid company until it sold to out-of-towners a few years ago.