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(AUDIO): Missouri State Highway Patrol warns boaters about fireworks on boats

(AUDIO): Missouri State Highway Patrol warns boaters about fireworks on boats

A Missouri state trooper patrols the Lake of the Ozarks in 2022 (file photo courtesy of Missouri State Highway Patrol Lt. Eric Brown)

Missouri state troopers are reminding you that it is illegal to discharge fireworks from a vessel.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain John Hotz tells 939 the Eagle that boaters should leave fireworks to the professionals.

“We know some people like to watch the fireworks from the water and that’s fine. You just can’t participate in that you can’t be shooting fireworks from your vessel. We especially don’t want anybody to get injured or in some cases killed from those fireworks going off inside the boat,” Hotz says.

Every Missouri state trooper is patrolling Missouri waterways and roadways again today and tomorrow’s Fourth of July. They’re enforcing traffic and boating laws and assisting boaters and motorists as well.

“If you want to go watch them from the water, that’s one thing. But certainly no discharging of those fireworks,” Captain Hotz tells 939 the Eagle.

Extra Missouri state troopers are also visible this morning on interstates and highways, participating in Operation C-A-R-E. That stands for Crash Awareness and Reduction Effort. Missouri’s Fourth of July holiday counting period began Friday evening at 6 and runs through 11:59 tomorrow night.