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(LISTEN): Mizzou officials say alums are changing the world daily

(LISTEN): Mizzou officials say alums are changing the world daily

A view of the historic Columns on Mizzou’s campus in Columbia (January 2022 file photo courtesy of the
MU News Bureau’s Brian Consiglio)

(This is the second in a two-part series about Mizzou)

Mizzou’s vice provost for undergraduate studies says the University of Missouri aims to support students as they make the transition from college to the workforce, post-grad studies or other pursuits so they can apply what they have learned as they continue to explore their interests. Vice provost Dr. Jim Spain tells 939 the Eagle that Mizzou alums are changing the world daily.

“You know in just this most recent round of elections for example, the number of our alumni who have been elected to school boards and to city councils and county councils and taking up civic leadership roles and responsibilities. And again we think that’s an important aspect of what and how higher education contributes to the broader society,” Dr. Spain says.

Mizzou also says enrollment applications are at a record-setting pace, up 14 percent this year compared to 2023:

“And we look at the roles that our students play when they go into the workforce and begin their careers. We also see them contributing in so many ways,” says Spain.

Dr. Spain is touting new statistics that show more than 95 percent of recent Mizzou graduates found jobs, continued their education, joined the U-S military or began volunteer service within six months of spring graduation.