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UPDATE: Governor Parson denies clemency for convicted Jefferson City murderer David Hosier

UPDATE: Governor Parson denies clemency for convicted Jefferson City murderer David Hosier

Missouri’s governor has denied clemency for convicted Jefferson City killer David Hosier (2021 file photo courtesy of the Missouri Department of Corrections website)

Missouri’s governor has rejected a clemency request from a convicted Jefferson City killer who is set to be executed Tuesday evening at a state prison in Boone Terre.

Governor Mike Parson has denied clemency for 69-year-old David Hosier, who was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death for the high-profile 2009 killing of Angela Gilpin. She was killed with a submachine gun.

Court documents say Hosier had been having an affair with Gilpin, who was a married woman. The court filings say the affair ended, and that Angela reconciled with her husband Rodney in August 2009. Prosecutors say Hosier broke into Angela Gilpin’s apartment on Jefferson City’s West Main in September 2009, shooting and killing both Angela and her husband. Governor Parson has issued a statement, blasting Hosier for showing no remorse. “Angela Gilpin had her life stolen by David Hosier because he could not accept it when she ended their romantic involvement,” the governor’s statement reads, in part.

Governor Parson says Hosier stalked and harassed Angela Gilpin for weeks, before killing her and her husband.

The Missouri Supreme Court has scheduled the execution for Tuesday evening in Bonne Terre. The Missouri Supreme Court heard oral arguments in this case in 2019. Hosier’s attorney argued in court that day that Hosier had suffered a stroke and brain damage and that Hosier’s brain “was dead in places.” The Missouri attorney general’s office questioned whether Hosier had a stroke, saying the stroke didn’t explain a 1986 assault on his wife or his threat to kill multiple police officers.

Hosier was captured in Oklahoma after the 2009 Jefferson City killings. Court documents say Oklahoma authorities allegedly found 15 firearms in Hosier’s vehicle after his capture, along with a bulletproof vest and a crowbar.