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Missouri AG will sue China

Missouri AG will sue China

(MissouriNet) — Missouri is the first state in the nation to sue China alleging a coverup about the extent of the coronavirus. State Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s lawsuit contends that China’s government did little to contain the spread of the virus, suppressed information and denied the contagious nature of the virus. Schmitt, a Republican, says China’s failures have led to Missouri’s loss of life and severe economic consequences.

(as said) “And as legislators go back next week to craft a budget, they’re dealing with this in very real terms,” says Schmitt. “They’re going to have a real impact for real people.”

The lawsuit does not specify compensation but says it could include civil penalties, restitution, punitive damages, among other things.  State Representative Kip Kendrick, a Democrat from Columbia, tells the Kansas City Star Missouri does not have a leg to stand on in the lawsuit and says Schmitt is wasting taxpayer money.

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