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Government pay raises may not be enough to keep employees on the job

Shouldn’t a decent pay raise be enough to keep your employees from looking for jobs elsewhere? Cole County Eastern Commissioner Jeff Hoelscher says they’re having the same problem hanging onto staff that all government agencies are …

Jefferson City councilmen approved a pay raise for city employees. But it’s only on the books through the end of October when it’s up for review.

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  1. State pay seems to be focused on New employees and a slap in the face to senior staff. Pushing experienced staff out of the door has not seemed to help Taxpayers in any area of taxpayer owned and Taxpayer funded government.
    But, I have repeatedly been told that new employees must work up 37 years before they can retire. Maybe two term politicians earned such disparity in pay and benefits? Sure sounds the the law makers should lead by example and work the 90 and out like the people who actually provide services.

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