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Cole Commissioner backs planned low income hosuing

Cole Commissioner backs planned low income hosuing

Cole County Presiding Commissioner Sam Bushman is excited about three low – income private apartment complexes planned for Jefferson City. He says when built they’ll offer about 120 – apartments to lower income workers …

While Commissioners unanimously signed off on the ‘workforce housing’ plan, Mayor Carrie Tergin had to break a five – five tie when the issue came before the City Council. The developers hope the apartments can at least partially replace the 150 – rental units that were destroyed by the 2019 tornado.

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  1. Sounds good on paper and to all the bleeding heart types…but in reality we all know what we get
    Now days. Thumping music day and night and trash pick up is merely a suggestion.

    I am a nearly retired nurse who happens to be a home owner in one of your areas you propose to utilize for building.
    So, council, I emplore you to add the proper bus services as well as up the patrols in my area.
    I DO Not!! Want more section eight around here.
    There are plenty already out this way.
    Not to mention how it will drag my property value to the ground.

    You asked.

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