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Missouri lawmakers come back for Round 2 starting next week

Your lawmakers are going to have to hit the ground running when they come back from Spring Break next week. Senator President Pro – Tem Caleb Rowden admits they haven’t accomplished much yet … The $4 and a half – billion dollar FRA allowance that covers Missouri’s Medicaid programs hasn’t …

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Callaway Sheriff loses credentials

Clay Chism won’t be enforcing the peace any time soon. The former Callaway County sheriff has lost his license to be a law enforcement officer. Chism was arrested and charged for driving while intoxicated in Randolph County in October 2022. The Director of Public Safety, Sandy Karsten, revoked Chism’s peace …

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JCMO realtor discusses commission settlement

Is the nearly half – billion dollar settlement that could cut commissions on real estate going to have a major effect on Mid – Missouri’s home market? The National Association of Realtors will pay over $400-million and will do away with rules on commissions. Jefferson City realtor Beth McGeorge says …

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