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Hiker has to be rescued at Rock Bridge park


A woman is apparently okay…after falling more than 30-feet down a cliff at the Devil’s Backbone nature area near Ashland. Southern Boone County firefighters had to use ropes to pull the woman back to safety. She suffered just a cut on her head. The fire department says the 21- year-old …

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New Interchange Brings Tourism to Eastern Side of City


Your travel is easier through downtown Jefferson City with the opening of the Highway 50/Lafayette Interchange that opened last month. It’s helping bring tourism to the area… Mayor Carrie Tergin adds that the recent concerts at the old state prison and the new Federal Courthouse are also huge draws to …

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Fulton bomb threat


A bomb threat at Fulton Middle School winds up with an eighth grade student turned over to juvenile authorities. The young teen is charged with a felony for emailing the bomb threat. An assistant principal called police to Fulton Middle School about 7-30 Tuesday morning after finding an email threatening …

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Rumored JCPS bond issue — will it happen next year?


A long range planning committee looking at future needs of the Jefferson City School District thinks maybe the time is right. They discussed going to voters with a tax levy hike in April 2017 at last night’s meeting. The money raised from the tax levy hike would go to build …

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Is Golden Smoke a Smoking Lounge?

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Have you wondered why the Golden Smoke Lounge is allowed to permit smoking? They aren’t exactly smoking according to Jefferson City Fire Department Chief Matt Schofield… Schofield also says the interpretation of the Clean Air Act is monitored by the city’s code enforcement bureau …

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